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 Grey Squirrels

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PostSubject: Grey Squirrels   Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:57 pm

Admin, I'm not sure whether this belongs in "Midlothian Issues" but the problem certainly extends into Midlothian.

Some of you might remember this story.


There seems to be some difference of opinion between people who actually like grey squirrels and sane people.

I happen to hate them.

However, much as I hate the destructive little b@st@rds, I also hate inflicting any unnecessary cruelty on them.

For like minded people, may I recommend the Springer Mk4 Fenn Trap, which you'll find here


or the cheaper (but as far as I can see, exactly the same) Solway Mk 4 Spring Trap which you'll find here


Ministry of Agriculture approved. Approved under the Spring Trap Approval (Scotland) Order. Entirely legal when used correctly.

At one point, I was killing (quickly, efficiently and humanely) one a day. Now it's about one a week, but, as a precaution against further damage to my house and garden, I still set the trap as a matter of routine.
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Grey Squirrels
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