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 The 15

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PostSubject: The 15   Sun Nov 01, 2009 8:16 pm

Today I was in Edinburgh and got the 15 from Lothian Road, for a Sunday it was very busy indeed I got the last seat. Anyway the journey was going well though it was more like being on a boat with the rain on the windows and the spray from the road! Anyhow heading towards the Roslin the road was flooded at the dip just before entering Roslin so we heads through the water and a loud thud could be heard, someone wanted off so I assumed it was maybe something being dropped (bus much much quieter now) - approaches the 1st bus stop and here is another 15 plus a Lothian van, mechanic from the van approaches and talks to the driver then proceeds to check outside of bus before disappearing and getting a big hammer and hitting a panel just behind the nearside front wheel.. Turns out that the bus already there had reported damage having come through this flooded bit and exactly the same thing happened to the bus I was on, had a look when I got off and it looks like the damaged panel could have effected the wheels when turning. Finally after about 10 mins of waiting a 37 appears to take the 3 of us from the bus into Penicuik leaving behind two damaged 15's, 2 drivers and a mechanic tearing his hair out. The 15 drivers and the mechanic seemed quiet amused about the situation even to suggest it would be funny if the 37 encountered the same problem - thankfully it didn't but the driver of this bus seemed less than amused at taking the detour Laughing Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: The 15   Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:34 pm

It would be interesting to know what it was that was causing the damage. I take it that cars were not being affected or was the water too deep so that only large vehicles were likely to attempt to go through.


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The 15
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