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 Character assassination

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PostSubject: Character assassination   Sat Mar 15, 2008 1:28 pm

Is anyone else, like me, upset at the current character assassination going on for Fiona McKeown, mother of Scarlett Keeling, murdered in Goa.

I know this is a hard one for a lot of us - and we may or may not approve or disapprove of her lifestyle, but I am really upset at what has been happening here over this, not just what is said in India.

I was in my neighbour's house and judgements were being made that none of would have wanted being passed on us if we were suffering the loss of a child and a subsequent fight to get any kind of truth in the matter.

And, face it, the only reason we know anything about her is that she has suffered the loss of a child and then had to fight to get any recognition from the authorities that it wasn't an accident and she has continued to challenge what she views as a cover-up - and thus far looks as if it was a cover-up, and therefore might still be.

I feel sad at this world we create and live in that we choose this moment to decide we have the right to judge her.

Very Happy
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Character assassination
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