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 Dalmore Paper Mill

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PostSubject: Dalmore Paper Mill   Dalmore Paper Mill Icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2007 7:48 pm

Dalmore Paper Mill 30815934853_c8ae928edc_z
The papermill while it was still working

Dalmore Paper Mill 30815935683_f6f32570c4_z
Some of the buildings behind the main one

Dalmore Paper Mill 31626297695_d7004a5ecd_z
This cottage was opposite the mill. It is now a pile of rubble.

Dalmore Paper Mill 30815931823_1290c642ef_z
The mill has been closed now and awaits the bulldozers

Dalmore Paper Mill 31589056176_4868912bd0_z
Some of the buildings have been demolished at this point

Dalmore Paper Mill Dalmore8
Now they have started to pull down the main buildings

Dalmore Paper Mill 30816162373_8752950af8_z
They've all gone now

Dalmore Paper Mill Dalmore5
I wonder if they will leave the river running under the houses that they build?

Dalmore Paper Mill 30816162323_c2ac53878c_c
Overview of the mill.

Dalmore Paper Mill 31762512353_d54e2113c8_c
Building opposite Dalmore mill (water storage tank?) which has now been demolished.

Dalmore Paper Mill 31762512303_0b1d09370d_c
Another view of the building.

Dalmore Paper Mill 31762512333_c3e7cdf2da_c
Inside the building.
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Dalmore Paper Mill
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