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 Santa on the rampage

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Santa on the rampage Empty
PostSubject: Santa on the rampage   Santa on the rampage Icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2015 7:46 pm

Not sure about the veracity of the following story, but it could only happen in Penicuik Smile

Police in Penicuik are questioning a local man after an incident on
Edinburgh Road yesterday afternoon. The man, in his mid-40s, is
suspected of having stolen a large amount of goods from the Tesco
supermarket in Penicuik before attempting to the sell them on – all
while dressed as Santa Claus. Staff from the supermarket reported
that a man entered the store in a festive costume, filled a trolley with
a large variety of groceries and then wrapped them individually at
the rear of the store. Shoppers believed he was part of a Christmas
performance put on by their local Tesco. He even stopped to pose
for parents taking photos with their children. He then exited and
made his way toward Penicuik town centre. A sharp-eyed Tesco staff
member spotted him leaving the store with a full trolley and attempted
to stop him. After a brief chase the thief threw a wrapped product at
the staff member who was knocked to the ground and unable to continue
her pursuit. The item, a Fray Bentos pie, caused her minor concussion
and bruising.

Staff phoned the police who arrived quickly but the festive robber
was long gone. It wasn't until they were later contacted by a local pub
customer who said a man, dressed as Santa, was selling fresh food items
at unreasonable prices. The quick thinking citizen, who does not want to
be identified, told us, “he was in the boozer selling things like chicken fillets
and tubs of butter and that but was charging more than Tesco does.
It wasn't until he tried to shift a Chicago Town pepperoni pizza on me that
I said I seen it in Tesco for 80p cheaper that morning, but didn't get it
because it was still well steep like.”

The suspect will face charges for stealing over £65 worth of groceries,
dumping a shopping trolley in a river and attempted theft of a police car.


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Santa on the rampage
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