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 What a coincidence

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PostSubject: What a coincidence   What a coincidence Icon_minitimeThu Jun 15, 2017 7:53 pm

Last week I received a call at my work from my assistant’s doctor's surgery.
My assistant was on holiday that week and they urgently needed to contact
him, so they were looking for his mobile number. I eventually found it and
passed it on.

He has now returned to work and explained what happened.
He was on a train in Lisbon and when he got off he discovered his wallet
had been stolen. He went back to his hotel to see if he had left it there but
couldn’t find it. Then his phone rang and it was the doctor's surgery who
told him that he was to contact a local police officer who had his wallet and
the woman who had stolen it. It seems that the policeman had seen the
woman (who was a well-known pick pocket) getting off the train and when
she saw him she panicked, threw down the wallet and ran. The policeman
then found a prescription receipt in the wallet and phoned the surgery.
My assistant was very relieved and was able to get back all his money and
bank cards which he had not had a chance to cancel smile emoticon


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PostSubject: Re: What a coincidence   What a coincidence Icon_minitimeSat Jun 17, 2017 2:58 pm

weel done that polis
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What a coincidence
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