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 Rosslyn Chapel

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PostSubject: Rosslyn Chapel   Rosslyn Chapel Icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2007 7:44 pm

Rosslyn Chapel 33335925970_a8cec1243f_c
The back of the chapel.

Rosslyn Chapel 33679449256_2d8a6eb306_c
The apprentice pillar.

Rosslyn Chapel 33723531765_8f09ab8ce3_c
One of the graves outside the chapel.

Rosslyn Chapel 33723531855_4355a9cb89_c
In the crypt.

Rosslyn Chapel 33683147106_a1f911914a_c
View from the roof.

Rosslyn Chapel 33335968130_d8f20af336_c
In the crypt again.

Rosslyn Chapel 33335926530_319f9fe3f0_c
More windows.

Rosslyn Chapel 33335968470_636bfe4af9_c
More beautiful carvings.

Rosslyn Chapel Chapel9
And more.

Rosslyn Chapel 33720284435_dd917ff1dc_c
Stained glass windows.

Rosslyn Chapel 33723531795_cae95f276f_c
The roof of the chapel.

Rosslyn Chapel 32881342344_d6972e10c5_c
Another view of the roof.

Rosslyn Chapel 33564043752_be5ece322d_c
And another.

Rosslyn Chapel 32906711583_e129b3b308_c
Back inside the chapel again.

Rosslyn Chapel 33339360930_49eaeba3f7_c
More intricate carvings.

Rosslyn Chapel 33339360960_de96340170_c
And some more.
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Rosslyn Chapel
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