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 Overseas call centres

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PostSubject: Overseas call centres   Overseas call centres Icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2007 7:45 pm

Don't you just hate overseas call centres. My modem/router that I bought at the beginning of January is broken Sad I've just spent an hour on the phone with someone talking from a script. You know what I mean....plug in the power supply then try to reset it etc. I've lost count of how many times I told him that when you plug it in, the green lights come on briefly then go off..........it's dead. Finally he gave me an RMA number so now I can send it back and get a replacement.

Also I've just had to buy a new tumble drier Sad It doesn't owe us anything and it still worked. However, the door hinge broke and I doubt whether I'll be able to get a replacement. Not to mention the fact that I am still trying to get my son's scooter fixed. He's not been able to use it since July Sad

Oh, and one more thing. My son's 8 month old PC has been acting very strangely for some time now. I've now persuaded him to bite the bullet, back up all his data and re-install the factory settings Sad
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Overseas call centres
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