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 Madness on the road

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Madness on the road Empty
PostSubject: Madness on the road   Madness on the road Icon_minitimeFri Mar 07, 2014 12:57 pm

This morning I got stopped at the Tesco traffic lights heading north and a red 4x4 appeared on the outside lane as if turning into Tesco, na not this 4x4, when the lights changed the 4x4 driver took off at speed to cut into the main traffic lane then headed towards Beeslack doing what I'd reckon about 45-50mph not bad for 30 zone! Anyway in the distance I could see a X37 pulling into the bus stop at Beeslack, 4x4 driver then hits the brakes and pulls in behind bus and as I passed someone was getting out the passenger side of the 4x4. Was catching the bus really more important than risking the safety of others? I could also add that it looked like a middle age woman driver but that would just open a whole different can of worms  Smile 
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Madness on the road
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