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 Mavisbank House

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Mavisbank House Empty
PostSubject: Mavisbank House   Mavisbank House Icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2007 7:45 pm

Mavisbank House 22730325586_8f383a48da_z

Mavisbank House 22135218403_b6b78d7a3d_z

Mavisbank House 22742786882_e351c26c38_z

Mavisbank House 22133566894_0c77baca12_z

Mavisbank House 33701131836_cc8ed65d1f_c
The front view of Mavisbank house.

Mavisbank House 33701131876_3a0bc88254_c
The right side view of Mavisbank house.

Mavisbank House 33701131916_ba8fdd4bb4_c
Part of the left and middle of the house.

Mavisbank House 32929101153_e61008fd57_c
The view from the house.

Mavisbank House Mavis6
Another view of the left hand side of the house.

Mavisbank House 32929101203_dc2b325854_c
Back of house close up

Mavisbank House 33701132076_d8864274d8_c
A closer view of the lake in front of the house.

Mavisbank House Mavis9
A close look at the achitecture on the left hand side of the house.

Mavisbank House 33742125835_19d930883a_c
Back of house

Mavisbank House 33742125885_29d6db8fdc_c
Side of house

Mavisbank House 32929101123_525082dfd4_c
Side of house again

Mavisbank House Mavisbank1
One of the entrances to Mavisbank house.
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Mavisbank House
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